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Our Services

We are a top shelf remarketer of used medium and heavy duty trucks.  Our reputation of fairness and excellence in business dealings is born from our commitment to exceed our customers’ expectations.  We excel at quick and honest appraisals and provide professional assessment of the “out of service” truck current market value.  In addition, we are uniquely qualified to tell you what we feel your truck(s) are worth in 30, 60, and 90 days, allowing you to make a sound sell/hold decision.  The value of used trucks can spike and plummet in a matter of weeks.  Our customized services generate greater ROI for our customer.  Our goal is to help you drive efficiency in your operation by offering services that solve your problems.  If we don’t offer the solution you need today, just ask and we will do everything we can to offer it tomorrow.

We are the trucking industry’s fleet acquisition and remarketing solutions company.  We specialize in providing the highest and most comprehensive standards of in-house fleet disposal and market-based liquidation services in the industry.  Our main focus is to remarket your trucks utilizing our coast-to-coast network of vendors.  We are not in the retail or finance business so our time is solely devoted to your fleet and where we can get you the best return on our inventory.



We are an independent resource for you.  Being able to offer a pure market value that is not distorted by new truck values or conflicts of interest.  We provide transportation companies (from small to large) with the viable market driven and highly competitive alternative to a manufacturer and captive liquidation option.  A transparent sales process allows our clients to focus on what they do best.  Our experience gives us the ability to understand what our vendors are valuing most in their truck purchases and with this knowledge we can assess where your trucks sit in the marketplace and give you an unbiased assessment.

Appraisal and


Our sales process provides continuous market analysis to give our clients real market conditions to assist with asset decisions on timing/turn/etc.  Also, we offer consultations to maximize fleet utilization, cost controls, profitability, and liquidation turn cycles.  Our clients get the highest levels of product exposure in the industry.  



In today’s market used truck values can change quickly.  We understand your need to get the most value for your asset as possible.  With our years of establishing relationships with customers and vendors we have the ability to identify the best possible source for your product that brings the highest returns.  Our reputation in the industry is top notch.  We have proven processes in place to evaluate and inspect your trucks and give you a fair market value in a short time period.  We have the capital to purchase small and large fleets quickly and will always stand behind our word.  Getting you the best price for your used inventory is a priority for us.  Maintaining our relationship and turning it into a partnership that last over time is how we do business.

Maximizing asset returns

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